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Sep 13, 2004
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I`ve just started building one of my winterprojects, i got the plans here

The first fin::D
the fins are too big so i had too make them of two parts, on the pic you can see how i glued them together(5min Epoxy)
wow! that is awesome! Do you have a Rocksim file or anything? Wouldn't mind building my self one of those :D
hi Karl,

look here , i`m going to take the CP from the gates brothers sim and try to build it that the CG is on the right point, maybe i`ll need some noseweight.

mfg roman
Cool! Thanks :D If you like, I could sim it for you? What motor mount will she have?
hi Karl,

i`ve Rocksim 5 and 6 and I`ll sim it tomorrow, the outside diameter of the bodytube is 63,5mm and the fins are 3mm thick I`ll give her a 29mm motormount, that will be enough, i think she will be light enough to fly on F or G motors and if she isnt i can put a G75 or H238 or something like that in...
I`ve already the casings for this motors, i won them on the tombola at ALRS in September

mfg roman
Cool! Martin Vistal (IIRC) Built his Jayhawk with a 38mm/29mm? mmt and that kicked butt!

Wow, lucky you, winning casings on a trombola :D
yeah, I won a 29/180-240 Dr.Rocket Casing set!!!

I see you`re from UK, there is a great launch event in August every year, you can see nice pictures here
I`m the boy with the black rocket with flames on it, it flew on a H73, you cuold come there if you want next year, it`s a pretty cool launch event!!!

mfg roman
Cool, Maybe I could fly aswell. Do you know if UKRA membership has any relation to the regs in Germany?
I`ve already the casings for this motors, i won them on the tombola at ALRS in September..
..yeah, I won a 29/180-240 Dr.Rocket Casing set!!!
NO !!
Your sister won the casings !!


the pic you`ve posted is the rocket Vision III, it flew on a Selfmade-Candy motor(K-Impulse)!!! you could fly your rockets there!!! Here in germany the AT and other motors aren`t certified, but we can fl them on this meeting, without any certifications, so everbody can fly L2 there, for example, that`s really great...

Marxi and me, were on ALRS this year, the Ariane was the biggest rocket flying i ever saw, I flew my MIMAS on a H123, i`ll fly it next year again at BC-Days 2k5(the link i`ve posted)

okokok, my sister won the casing, but she cant use them so she gave them to me,...

mfg roman

i`ll change some things on the rocket, i`ll make new fins made of Balsa(3mm) and then glass it, this time the fins will be TTW(through the wall), not to waste the work/material of the old fins, i think I´ll build 2 Jayhawks(for dragracing)!!

mfg roman
Only in order to get this right:

but we can fl them on this meeting, without any certifications, so everbody can fly L2 there

with this meeting isn't meant our ALRS, but a launch in germany, where they have instead of TRA/NAR their own certification system.
In Switzerland as a TRA prefecture you have to be certified for level 1/2/3 flights!

@roman: please clearly differentiate!

@karl: we would be pleased if you and other people of UKRA (and everybody else) would visit ALRS VI next year.

I've actually asked my parents about it, and they are considering it :D I would have to pick up motors & rockets over there because I think that the residue that ejection charges leave behind, Airports don't let pass.

(Ich habe wirklich gebeten, daß meine Eltern über es und sie für es:D halten, das ich Motoren u. Raketen dort würde aufheben müssen, weil ich denke, daß der Überrest, dem Ausstoßen Urlaub nach auflädt, Flughäfen nicht Durchlauf lassen. Karl)
In addition to Andy´s post:

In Germany it is absolutly forbitten to manufacture or modify motors without a permission (which is really! hard to get).

The K-motor was flown on a german EX lauch on a military area, with a special permission.
The owner of the Vision III is one of a handfull fellows, who made the long, hard and stony way throug the germany law-jungle to get this rare sheet of paper...

I noticed they havent updated their webpage lately...

Are they working on a "Big Project" ???


The RockSim file from the Gates Brother web site for the Jayhawk is not very accurate. I made a better one for Martin Vrstal visit thread:


or see the attached sceen shot. If you PM me or post the details I will create a RockSim file for you. If you have RockSim version 6 or greater I can even place the asymmetric fins on it for you.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055

I`m gonna PM you all details in a few days!Thx for that!!:D

everything i wrote about the launch, was about the EXP launch(BC-Days :D )

@Karl: you could send your rockets to someone(by DHL/UPS/etc.) who goes to the launch, i know someone who already did that...

mfg roman
made new fins made of 4mm Balsa and with 3mm pinewoodsticks on 2 sides:
That looks great ! Are the pine tabs included in the real scale version?
no, but i made the fins smaller, so they are scale with the tabs