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Rex R

Apr 21, 2010
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a while back a member of the forum was having 'fun' installing Java, they got to the last step, verify the installation, which is where they ran into problems. the verify page doesn't work with msEdge...question will Java work w/o having the install verified?
Rex, it should work. Java is one of those pieces of software that has had some security issues in the past. I can see why an os maker would want to limit it, as well as other stuff like flash.

The other thing you could do, assuming Windows 10, is to make Internet Explorer the default browser. Then Java should work and verify.
Just did it myself this evening Rex, no problems, OR worked just fine after installing Java and being unable to verify the Java installation. I was re-installing Win7 Pro on a formerly upgraded to Win10 (from 7) laptop.
for me it was not a problem since win10 & edge gives you the option of using ie 11 to open the page (and thus verify the install) just wondered if some reported problems might be traced to the unverified install. thanks for the info.
The verify depends on the browser java plugin, which is now deprecated technology for security reasons. Chrome and IOS already ban all browser plugins. Sooner or later Oracle has to change or remove the verify step. There are huge technical difficulties due to the need to execute downloaded code vs the many ways in which browsers can be compromised.
with a bit of research (and luck) and some fiddling I was able to place a shortcut to open rocket in my start menu list(win10), with the proper icon :). hard part is finding the proper folder, note one can't paste a shortcut there, but one can move a shortcut...:). I would imagine that the crew doing OR will shortly drop a newer version on us just so I can do it all over again.