"I've got Bad Gas" cluster!!

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Its gonna fly at Midwest Power 2:D
I'll be sure to get pics of it
Now that is cool. A combination of two of the more difficult rocketry techniques....clusters and hybrids, and it's not a dinky cluster, either! That thing is hot! 9 motors...yeah! Can't wait to see a report on this sucker!
Talk about pushing the envelope! That's AWESOME!!!

Best of luck to Team Sky Ripper :cool: :D
Here are some of the flight facts:

Total of 9 monotube hybrid motors
Central mount: Sky Ripper 54 mm J360 Demo motor
Out Board Motors: 8 (yes…really…. Sky Ripper 38mm J 144’s
Dual Altimeter (minimum requirement). Possible ARTS on board for recording
Video Downlink (courtesy of Booster Vision)


Equivalent to: M1540
6700 installed ns
Peak Thrust of 437 lbs
8.16 lbs NOS (5440 cc)
7.31 lbs of SRS hardware
Total motor weight of 15.47 lbs.

Mark A Palmer
Team Sky Ripper Member

Thanks for filling in some of the blanks, my question is do you have 9 seperate fill systems? Will you be watching for 9 seperate vents? Or one tank to do all the tanking?

.. Whatever you do don't let them "vent from the bottom"....Good Luck! .....mark:rolleyes:
We are using one fill system and NOS Bottle with a custom manifold to distribute to 9 seperate fill lines. The vent tubes are threaded into the front closure and are run up the booster section through a bulkhead and back down through the 98 mm host/main mount. They are passed through special ports in the 98 to 54 mm motor adapter. All 9 vent tubes will be lined up and monitored during the fill with a wireless "padcam" to assure a complete fill of all motors.

This is slightly higher tech than the 4 Ratt I90 cluster I flew at LDRS <VBG> and should be close to foolproof (the fill process that is). Most of the plumbing and motor prep was completed on Sunday. We are waiting for the 54 mm motor to be flown at the JMRC October launch and then it too will be prepped and installed. Final assembly of the special motor adapter should be completed this weekend

We (Team Sky Ripper) can hardly wait for the Midwest Power/Children of the Corn II launch! We hope to spread the "Gospel of Gas" to the Rocket Reverend down there with the Tripoli Quadcities boys.

Mark Palmer

Well ..... the date of the Midwest Power (Children of the Corn II) launch is quickly approaching (Friday-Sunday of this week. The 98/54mm adapter is complete and has ducts to accomodate all 9 vent tubes. The booster section will be packed into the trailer tomorrow afternoon and we will begin the trek from Dearborn, MI to Princeton Illinois (about 360 miles).

Our current plan (which, as always, is weather dependent) is to fly "I've Got Bad Gas" on Saturday morning. We should have plenty of pics and video (onboard, ground, and pad cam) to post after the flight.

As of this morning the only things left to prep are the 54mm Skyripper Central motor, he ejection charges, attach the "hitchhiker" onboard video system (courtesy of Booster Vision), and pack the recovery system.


Mark Palmer:D
Originally posted by karatekicker271
I will be away from rocketry forum for a few minutes, I have to dry off my keyboard

I hope that means you sneezed on it.

:eek: :rolleyes: :eek:
Well?! Did you just get a stitch or did you really bust gas? We need info on your NOSious emissions times nine. ;=)
Originally posted by Chuck Rudy
Well?! Did you just get a stitch or did you really bust gas? We need info on your NOSious emissions times nine. ;=)

Sorry for the delay in posting this update but I have been running pretty steady since I left for Midwest Power 2 last Thursday Evening. The drive to Princeton took an additional 3.5 hours due to traffic. We spent 3 days flying and talking rockets and left for home Sunday at 7:45 pm. I arrived Home in Dearborn MI at 3:00 am and left for the airport at 7:50 am for my weekly commute to Seattle for work!

The Tripoli Quad Cities Folks were great hosts and the field was absolutely astounding. I have never seen so much open space. It was very similar in feel to the Argonia site in Kansas (site of last years LDRS).

Well, it seems that “I’ve Got Bad Gas” …STILL. Seriously, we were unable to get the project in the air at the Midwest Power 2 launch. Weather was a major factor. Heavy rain moved into the area around 4:00 pm Friday afternoon effectively ending the EX day festivities. The night launch was cancelled. Our plans to launch the bird early on Saturday were waylaid once again by inclement weather. Even though Saturday morning weather looked somewhat better than Friday, the range remained closed until 4:00 pm due to the sodden conditions of the access road. When the range opened, there were still significant winds until about 7 or 8 pm. The night launch was held and was quite a lot of fun.

Sunday was a beautiful day and the range was extremely busy. Two of our team members had Level 3 Cert flights on the agenda and we rallied around them to bask in the glory of their flights and offer whatever support we could. Both flights were awesome.

We managed to get the rocket prepped but it was not until around 3:00 pm or so. At that point there was a line up of flights for the away cell. As the afternoon wore on, some of our team members left to make the 6+ hour drive home. Finally at 5:00 pm we got the go ahead to fly the IGBG. However, the previous flights had used a Unistrut rail, we needed an Extreme rail. Swapping the rail meant a delay of at least another 30 minutes. So with less than optional wind conditions, darkness closing in and the potential for a large and long recovery effort, we opted to postpone the flight to another day.

SO…..WE ARE BRINGING BAS GAS BACK HOME…..The cluster will fly on November 13, 2004 at the JMRC Monthly launch at Gumberts field 8 miles north of Jackson Michigan. So come on out …we’d love to have you there!

A special thanks goes out to the team and, the TQC hosts, and the members of the WOOSH club who were a mahjor support for us the entire weekend. Sorry you couldn't see her fly....but come on down and visit us on November 13.


Mark Palmer

Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about the delays caused by the weather :( Sounds like everyone on the team is really committed to doing this flight right! Just keep saying, "Good things come to those who wait..." I know they will! Good luck on the 13th!