It's taken a while, but here I am :)

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Rocketry nut

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Mar 13, 2009
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After a long break from TRF I finally decided to get back on. Honestly I haven't flown any rockets for the most part since December. So I'm itching to get back in by launching next month.
Anyway I've also enlisted in the Air Force so this might be the last year for HPR or at least the larger end of it for a while.(although I don't know when I'm going to basic yet) I may go for my L3 as well. I look forward to trying out the new TRF :)
Good to see you back and i hope things go well in your air force career :)
Welcome back:D!

Does being away for three months qualify for BAR status?

Evil Ed
Welcome back:D!

Does being away for three months qualify for BAR status?

Evil Ed

I hope not, I haven't flown in almost a year and have been away from TRF longer than that...the addiction hasn't lessened but time to post and fields have!

Welcome back Rocketry Nut, and way to go enlisting! If I was of health, I'd have already served a tour in Afghanistan with the Reserve Unit I would have joined. Funny how things could have worked out. Best of luck. What's your MOS going to be?
I hope it takes a little longer than 3 months to be considered a BAR :p Well...I did launch a couple A motors last month so it wasn't quite 3 months, but anyway.

Well thank you :) As of now I don't know what I'll be doing or where I'll be. I should know after MEPS(military processing) which I'm supposed to do in a few weeks. Hopefully I can nail that stupid AFQT.
Sorry to hear that btw...