It's rstaff's Birthday!

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Jan 25, 2009
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OMG...Look who's turning the big Five-Oh today! Happy Birthday Dick!

Hey Dick the good thing about being over the hill is you pick up speed down the other side. :D

All the best

Happy Birthday, Dick!

Hope you get lotsa rockets!

Happy Birthday Dick! Hope it's a good one.

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! I hope its true that you're as young as you feel because when I see 50 in writing I keep thinking there must be some mistake...that can't be me :eek:

I got no rocket stuff, and it's too cold to launch (for me, that is), BUT...I did get an Olympus Digicam so you all won't have to endure the lousy photos I've been posting. (Well, they may still be loausy but I won't be able to blame the camera :cool:) In a few days, I should have photos of my completed, but not yet painted, upscale cluster bomb, which will be ready for the first launch of the season!

Well, gotto go and do some geezing. Thanks again,

Well, then, happy geezing....err...birthday!! Hope you have many more as well.
Happy birthday!!! So, looks like somebody is going to sell a lot of candles... make sure you have the fire department on standby :D
Happy B-day, Rstaff!! Enjoy the day!

Hope you got to launch some rockets! :)
Happy Birthday Dick! Wish you many more healthy ones to follow.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Happy Birthday, Dick!

Guess it was a message from the rockets gods for me to log back in after over a year, and on your birthday!

I went from unemployed to barely employed to now running all marketing for a UAV company. So, I've kinda concentrated on airplanes for the past year, but anxious to get back into rocketry!

Wow -- LOTS of activity here since my last visit!
Hey, I'm late to the party, Is there any cake left?

Happy Birthday Dick! (a little late):)
Thanks to all who responsed after my last post. Its never too late :)
Originally posted by rstaff3
Thanks to all who responsed after my last post. Its never too late :)

Yep, yur showwing signs of being 50 -- the speling strats to go wehn you get to be our age ...