It's My Birthday!

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Aug 9, 2013
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Time is arbitrary, and out of my control, but I feel like I'm 18 again but with a better head on my shoulders.
A couple of Beers were in oder for the occasion, and I remembered how much I like this song and how it represents my feelings toward life right now, and figured that this is the only place I come to share personal achievements and the like with, so enjoy.
Yes, rockets will be being made by me eventually again just as soon as I have a real professional shop.
For now, I'm renovating and landscaping.
I feel very alive, and having gotten rid of my television 11 months ago, there are no issues that I feel obligated to deal with other than what is right here on my property or needs fixed to help other folks.
A day late, but Happy Birthday! You and my son share the same birth date. He turned 23 yesterday.
Top...we don't always agree on some things,
but I can certainly agree that you deserve a big "happy birthday, mang!"

Good move ridding yourself of that television....infernal machines in my opinion.

clear & windless skies to ya,
Late Happy Birthday to you. Hope you had a great day in a way you enjoy.