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Feb 24, 2009
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After all the nerves... Yesterday i masked and painted my V2. It's not perfect, but turned out ok for a first attempt!

Micromister, I got a bad case of Go Fever with this. I didn't have any clear dull coat, so I just went at it with the black. The only place I got paint bleed was right at the edges of the fins.
Fourth angle.

When I peeled the tape, it seemed like the rocket really came to life! I set on my desk where I could view it for the rest of the day. (I've been painting at work at lunchtime...ssshhhhhhh!)

Thanks to everyone for their help and sympathy!
Really, really, nice job.

No wonder you've been looking at it all afternoon. :)
Not bad at all Graylenman!
look pretty good for a first attempt;) so now you can relax a bit and tackle a little tougher pattern... Practice make consistant.. not perfect. I can tell you from personal experience You will NEVER be satisfied with you own work, but most others will never see the Glaring mistakes we see, It's tough but try not to be to hard on yourself. I like to show my stuff to the Better 2/3rds if she oohs & ah's I know I'm done:D
Great looking V-2!

Excellent job on the V2 man!!! You did one heck of a job on it. Don't forget to post some flight pics...we need pics! ;)

A quick tip on painting a crisp edge. Paint your base color, in your case white, then lay your masking tape. Paint a very light coat of clear over the seam. This will seal the edge and if clear bleeds under the tape its not an issue. when the black is painted, removing the tape will cut it like a knife with perfectly clean edge.

Once again, sweet job!

See, it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. Very nice paint job!!. You know, I've never really been interested in the V-2, but you know, now I may have to go and get one.

I have to admit though...I'm not looking at rockets as much as what people place on their refridgerators...LOL

No really...Great looking job...(the rocket) I mean...!!!
Thanks , Prowlerguy! :) neat photos. Looking at the "Pushover" shot, though, those fins don't look like typical V2 fins. I wonder if this was an American knock-off?