It Is just about here!!! The Lighting Strike!!!!

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Nov 5, 2002
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The lightning Strike is just about ready to ship. We will be shipping these on September 1st. We are starting out with runs of 20. To make sure that you get one of the first rockets in run we are taking reservations for the lightning Strike. We are asking that you put down a $5.00 deposit (applied towards the purchase price) to get in on the first run.

The Lightning Strike is a 5 foot tall 3 18mm cluster rocket. This kit includes a Hand Turned Balsa Nose Cone. Pre cut 1/16" plywood fins (done by rocketguts), 18" Mylar parachute with Kevlar shroud line and a swivel, Kevlar shock cord mount and waterslide decals. The lighting strike has a 18" payload bay. With 3 B motop you will get a slow low (about 450 feet) Flight and with 3 C motor you will get a great flight to about 1000 feet.

You can get this great Rocket for only $28.95.

Go too to find out more information or to reserve your Lightning Strike for a September 1st shipping date.

We will also be adding 3 wire whip clips from D.M.B Rocketry