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May 2, 2009
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I'm a pushover for Tomahawks and Sandhawks...i got the AT version for half price today

i noticed that the price tag was all yellowed...good sign it's been on the shelf forever, so i asked for a 50% discount and was pleasantly rewarded. I also got a preferred customer card good for 20% off all purchases.

of course, i went crazy in the motor section, picked up some econojets a f40 reload and a g40-4W, a couple packs of E9-6, and some smaller motors...

i gotta stay out of those places...
Dagnabit !

I just bought a AT Astrobee D, and thought I scored a coup and a 1/2 for 42 bucks out the door...and you go and mention my all-time favorite rocket..the..*sniff* straight flying..* hold on to your pants..*isn't she perrty* Sandhawk.

Of course, the only hobby store in this area only had 2 AT kits. lol

I'm sooooo jealous...
i'm kinda embarrassed...
it's iqsy, not isqy...

whadda dork i am....
(or should i say rolf?)

you know...i need to learn to listen to my wife...she said i should wear a long shirt because my pants were ripped...i kind of didn't hear/listen and went shopping with the tail ripped out of my pants...

maybe i got a discount 'cuz i looked so pathetic?

up, up, and away