Is Rustoleum an enamel?


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May 7, 2016
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Anchorage Alaska
I was thinking that too. :)

Ah, so it would work for cows.

I'm pretty sure I've seen something similar on airplane wing surfaces (which were not spherical), which was supposed to reduce total drag and delay boundary layer separation (which delays the point at which a stall occurs).

You have seen them. Pretty common on airplane wings, little sheet metal tabs near the crown of the airfoil. They create turbulent flow in the air near the wing which reduces drag and allows for a higher angle of attack before the wing stalls.

For low speed aircraft, you can get "turbulator tape", which is a zigzag pattern. The sharp edges and valleys of the tape are enough to create a thin film of the desired turbulent flow around the wing skin.

Seems like a paradox that turbulent air would result in less drag than smooth laminar flow. But the turbulent air is reducing form drag to a greater degree than it is increasing skin friction.