is it Time To Uprgrade Roc Sim?

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Dec 31, 2002
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I'm sure this has been touched on, but I will open the can again.

Sound off, if you are running Roc Sim v.7.0

I have been busy working with roc sim v.4.0 and all though I have never had a problem with it, I would like a little more of the features that v.7 has to offer. Apogee is offering a free upgrade to v.8 if you buy now...hmmm

Are the component data bases updated with more items? Are they still customizable? (dumb questions?)

I will be reading the web page over and over on the Apogee web site, and that will probably answer all my questions anyway, I mainly wanted impressions of others that might be using v.7
Johnnie, If you use rocksim alot I think it's worth the upgrade

if you want to view or manipulate the newer complex files that other people are creating and posting to TRF and EMRR.I've learned alot of tricks just by seeing what others have done.especially Teflon's simulation tricks.

the newer file format allows you to customise files even deeper and if your really savvy, you could create add on programs.

the ability to manipulate fins and side pods is a big leap

with ver 7 you can update the database quite a bit from the EMRR files

IF you design the basic rockets 99% of the time and just use rocksim to get general stats, than mabey ver 4 is all thats needed. I started out with ver 5. so I don't know whats possible with ver 4

for me ,the biggest benifit to upgrade is being able to read any rocksim file. and the ability to put fins where you want them and get a stability report as you move them around.
Being a draftsman, is getting me all worked up now for the latest version. Here at work, we are always paying out to stay on top.

I wonder if Ms. Santa could be sweet talked into laying v.7 under the tree...she originally got me v.4 :D

good points stymye
I have and use versions 4, 5, 6 and 7. Versions 4 and 5 are valuable since they allow you to post files on the Internet that can be opened with the demo version of the software. Version seven allows asymmetrical fin arrangements, decal placement and recovery in the presence of wind variability and thermals. Version 7 creates files in XML format that can be edited with a word processor. This allows you to stretch the program to simulate things like fins on fins (Jayhawk), side pods, tube fins, ring tail fins, pop pod boost gliders, and strap on booster stages. Version 7 is well worth the investment if you want to simulate more complex designs and flight conditions.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Wow! dualy noted teflon, you summed up a good sales presentation right there. I have debated for years at upgrading, and I nearly did when Apogee incorporated the virtual 3D image of what your rocket would look like when complete. Now is the time..."Oh Mrs. Santa Claus?..."

It looks like you have upgraded with each release, if you can run all the stated versions.