Is it really explosive?

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May 10, 2011
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I was just looking at CO2 for airguns... This is a copy/paste from the site:

Since CO2 is an explosive, we can not ship it using air services. Please consider when choosing shipping method
Item Description Quantity Price
12 GRAM CO2 (500 cartridges) by Crosman

500 $356.59

Is it really an explosive, or is it just another misunderstood substance like APCP?

I don' get it... Are they regulating the stuff that comes out of our mouths when we exhale now? :confused:
It is under pressure, so if you throw it in a fire it will explode and shoot shrapnel everywhere.
Ah. But its not really... Explosive, right? Just a similar reaction?:confused:
Yea, but AP really isnt explosive either, the difference being that a five year old can purchase CO2.
Really? You have to be 18 to buy BBs.... :rolleyes:

Yea, I know APCP isnt explosive... But... Pressurized CO2? Thats just a little silly..... Go figure.:rolleyes:
It's a hasmat like thing, like the other post saying putting them in a fire. Spray Paint, same thing.

they can send it US mail parcal post with the hazmat sticker on it cheap.

Same way I get my wippet cartridges for micro hybrides.

those you do have to be 21 for, due to other abuses with them.

A pressurised vessel has the potential to explode in the belly of a plane

for instance value-jet
ever take a compressed air can and throw it in a bonfire? yeah... picture that...

gotta love ohio :D
I've seen an aersol can in a fire:)

I guess since CO2 is pressured it would cause an explosion, like tarc3 said
Originally posted by Neil
Is it really an explosive, or is it just another misunderstood substance like APCP?

CO2 is not (an) explosive. A pressurized CO2 cartridge is potentially explosive. It can't be shipped by air for the same reason we had to make sure the B-52 crews didn't take Bic lighters up in their pockets when they flew. Under explosive decompression the pressurized gas cartridge could explode.

As for APCP, it's explosive capabilities are an empirical question. I observed the answer first hand, under controlled conditions. The ATFE isn't just blowing smoke.