Is anyone going to AIRFest?

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Jan 22, 2009
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Wichita, KS
I know there was another thread about this, but I wanted to get "AIRFest" in the title to make it more clear.

BN150 - looking forward to seeing you in Argonia again.
11Bravo & xenon - I hope to meet you there.

I'm sure there will be others as well.

AIRFest is going to be a real blast this year. I've heard about a number of cool projects coming.

Let's hope the great weather continues for a couple more weeks. We've been bouncing around in the 70's and 80's for much of the summer which would make for some EXCELLENT flying weather.

The discounted pre-registration deadline is August 22, 2004, so if you're coming you should take advantage of that. Even if you're not an HPR flyer, you can order t-shirts and barbeque tickets so you don't have to worry about them running out.

Check out for all the details.

Will you be flying any HPR there?

I haven't heard about any of the big stuff, so I guess I'm gonna be suprised when I get there.
From what we are hearing this will be a very large launch with, as stated, numerous cool projects. The Kloudbusters group always runs a great event. There are a few dealers that we know of that will be on hand.

Giant Leap Rocketry
Science Education
Impulse Aerospace
Wildman Rocketry

There may be others but unsure.

Have a great time!
Will you be flying any HPR there?
Oh yes. Thankfully some of my favorite motors like 54mm White Lightning (K550, K185, J275, J415) and J350 have arrived locally.

I will be flying some of those bad boyz.

Originally posted by llickteig1
Oh yes. Thankfully some of my favorite motors like 54mm White Lightning (K550, K185, J275, J415) and J350 have arrived locally.

I will be flying some of those bad boyz.


There is a bunch more on the way! :cool:
Sweeeet.... I'm ordering some more stuff today that I hope to have ready for airfest, 2 weeks to build it should be enough time considering some people built HP rockets in an hour at LDRS in Argonia...

Also, am I going to get to see your tethys fly?
I tried to preregister yesterday using the PayPal link on the AIRFest site, but had nothing but trouble.
I was going to send a check today, but forgot so it will be in the mail tomorrow.
Of course, I doubt that it will get there by the 22nd.
The check will be for 2 adults and two kids, ages 11 & 10, for the BBQ/Swim party. Also 1 XXXL t-shirt and probably 2 Large t-shirts.
11Bravo: Got your message and sent you an e-mail.

Joe: Keep those motors comin'. We need a bunch of K550's for our Ground-Up Build/Fly competition, and some of the big dogs will probably be sniffin' out those M motors.

BN150: The Tethys most likely will fly on a J350 or J275 and possibly on a K185. I also have a new Endeavor I have been flying for a few months which I will probably launch on a K550.

I'll probably have a couple of EX flights on Monday, too.

I'm really jazzed about this launch.

The t-shirts are being printed ... The BBQ caterer has been given counts for the Sat. night party ... Set-up is Sunday ... AIRFest is going to be here before you know it.

Some of the big stuff ...

I know of at least 2 level 3 cert. flights. I'm betting there will be several more.

There has been a 34,500' waiver granted for a special flight on Sunday morning.

There will be an 'L' impulse drag race on Monday (EX) with a cool prize for the winner.

There will be several participants in the From The Ground-Up "Survivor Style" contest on Saturday. All of them will fly on AT K550's or CTI K440's. That should be a hoot.

I've heard of at least 4 other possible M flights, some might be EX.

This is gonna be GREAT!

(BN150-Got your registration, Thanks!)

Heh-heh-heh. I will be there Saturday, Sunday, and Monday till noon, any idea when the L drag race is planned to fly? Man, this is gonna be awesome.
If everything goes according to plan, there will be a reprise of the 'Airy Bear launch that is featured on the KloudBusters web site, the AIRFest page and in the Extreme Rocketry ad for AIRFest.

This is a big rocket on a big motor; M1939, I think. That's about 550 lbs. of peak thrust over a 6.2 second burn from about 12 1/2 pounds of propellant. Woof!

Here's a shot at liftoff on Gary's cert flight:

See everyone this weekend, --Lance.
Yuh-hoo! That was one of my major persuasion points for going to this launch :D :cool:I've slowly been fixing up my rockets, the initiator will hopefully fly (though it is somewhat ugly), going to order some G64s from Giant Leap today, the G-force will be fed. Got some D12-5's, i hope the Mean Machine will fly, without being warped in the late summer heat. Maybe I'll buy another Blue Ninja.

Blue Ninja :D

is there an echo in here

Edit: the "INITIAT" Is ugly no more, it has less of a decal (painted over) but maybe that paint will peel, and it wil be the "INITIATO" Once more :D :rolleyes: Anyways, it may fly at AIRfest if I can get an E30 for it. Maybe an E16, but i may not try that, seeing as what happened last time I tried that combo...
argh, just got home from school... hope it's not this hot at the flying field..... Pretty much everything is prepped, the BN will make its comeback flight (after losing a nose and chute), G force will fly if the wind's light enough, Mean machine definetly, Genesis 2k, Mustang, and maybe the mongoose. That thing keeps losing part of one fin on landing, i need to dope it with some tissue paper. I might bring one of my MMX RTFs (flying saucer) for some low and slow action (~10ft) Otherwise, I'll be heading off prety soon. Staying in the Caldwell motel for tonite, saturday and sunday. Hopefully Mark will have some E30s and G64s in stock.

Edit: darn.

We may only have one day to fly without storms :(
I can't wait to get a full report on AIRFest. It turns out that due to some pretty serious back problems that I'm probably going to miss the entire 4-day launch. Ugh!

It must be going pretty well 'cuz they called-in to see if I have more Flight Cards. Wow!

I sure hope someone is taking photos. :D

My apologies to BN150 for not being available to give Tethys advice. Maybe we can get together later.

Glad to see you make it. What altitude did your tethys reach? I'll report later with some pics.

B N150
Sorry we missed each other.
Hope you're feeling better.
We had a GREAT time.
I have some pictures, but won't get them posted anywhere tonight; don't have that many really anyway, I was too busy watching launches.
The From the Ground Up launches were very cool.
I was only there on Saturday from about 2:00 through the pool party, and on Sunday from about 9:30 until they scratched for weather. They were going to open up again if the weather cleared, but we had 400+ miles to drive so we left.
You guys put on a great show.

Does your liscense tag by any chance say 11-B something something? I didn't catch ya, maybe next time.
Attended AiriFest on Saturday and the Kansas wind was relentless. Even at that there were some very good flights that required some long walks. I got to pad manage for several hours and that is always fun helping rack rockets.

Giant Leap and Science Ed Center went home with some of my money, they had a lot of stuff for sale. Got shockcord, etc. for my L2 project. Motors were plentiful.

Here is a picture of my LPR and MPR rockets I took with me.

Missed Lance, hope you are better, but did get to see Blue Ninja 150.
I was with a buddy in his car.
We had his son and my nephew.
Both days we sat just a bit to the left of the RSO (maybe 20 meters), right by the orange fence.
I asked around if anyone spent anytime on TRF and everybody that I talked to said they have but not with any regularity.
If you were there Sunday and saw some people that had taken camera bag straps and bunched up the orange fencing so they could see over while seated, that was us.
I don't know their last names, but on Saturday we sat next to people that had a blonde 3 year old named Kayden (sp?) that had a Blues Clues Rocket. He is a cute kid. He was really into it.
I wish I'd gotten a picture.
Did you go to the BBQ?

Darnit, was the van blue (?)

And did you or your buddy have one of those hats with the flaps on it? If so i saw you. I was going to ask if you (they?) used TRF, but I never did. Ya I was at the BBQ. I only made 2 flights the whole launch, both Sunday. Gforce on a G64, then the Mean Machine on a D12.
Nope, white Nissan car. Little 4 door.
My buddy had a 6 color desert boonie hat on, I had a bright red Iowa State hat on, nephew had Pittsburg Steelers hat on, and buddy's son had some two color thing.
At the BBQ, the boys were two blondes 10 & 11 that were tossing a football around.
Sorry we missed.
I actually thought about having the announcer ask to have anyone from TRF come over to where we were sitting, but didn't want to make a fool of myself :)
When I get some pics developed, there may be some of us. (I got the boys each a single use camera, but considering their ages, maybe didn't get much)

I had hoped that I was going to be able to make it this year, maybe next year. Any chance that pictures will be posted soon?
Don't know when for sure.
Have to find somewhere to post some videos.
And I'm on a dial-up for the stills.
We'll see.


P.S. I'm no photog so they aren't real great anyhow.
Although, my buddy did get one nice one that I'll get posted real soon.
I got a vid of the L drag race that if you could find somewhere to host it, i could mail it to you. It's only 3 seconds though.
I can put some stuff on either the KloudBusters site or my own rocketry site. You can e-mail them to me using rocketry at cox dot net.

PM me a snail mail address, and I'll send you a CD with what I have. Easier than posting/e-mailing over a modem; probably quicker too. :D
I don't really have much, like I said, I was too busy watching.
There are a couple of kinda neat videos though.