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Jan 18, 2009
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Hi all,

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been posting for a while, :eek: due to several reasons (Internet problems, roadworks outside our house, and the school blocking TRF).

Just wondering, now the dates have been released, any Brits on here planning to go to IRW 2004 in Scotland? I am 'cus my Dads been looking for any excuse to have a holiday up there!


Yeah, I've been going every year since 1997. You can work out the dates because it's Tuesday to Monday, with the Monday being the English August Bank holiday.

It's a great event. It's a great event for getting to know people.

There's more info about it on the UKRA web site.
Thought I'd resurect this thread to get some chat going, as the event is getting nearer.

Whos going (apart from Hokky, WiK & me)?

I was thinking of flying,as its only just over an hour & £40(return) away from Bristol Airport; BUT I can't take motors or rockets with burnt residue inside (the dogs would have a field day). Plus I'd have to get a new passport (you can't fly without one, even if your not leaving the country), which is another £40+. I've found a train deal for £110, and I'm going to go for that. Blooming 6½hr journey too - but by train, which is by far the best way to travel (IMHO).

I'm gonna camp 'cos camping is normally a laugh, and the money saved on B&Bs can be directed into my booze & motors fund. :D Anybody else camping?

Now the big question - What rockets are going?
I'm just getting my Darth Launching Special ready for painting, so I can (hopefully) have her preform her maiden flight at IRW. The Darth Launching Special is a 24mm version of a Semroc Goliath, designed to loft my Empire Strikes Back issue Darth Vader figure (lightsaber missing :rolleyes: ).

My 2-Stage 13mm Semroc Firefly should be ready to fly n'all; IF I can find some A10-0s.

I may even get round to painting my Richter Recker or Tres, and get them flying too. ;)
I'll be there of course, I presume "Obelix" will be there too, he usually is. Adrian will no doubt be there from before the beginning until after the end ;)

I usually camp. Lots of people do. If you don't camp you do miss out a bit on some of the social side.

Since when did you need a passpart to fly within the UK? I used to do Leeds/Bradford to Heathrow fairly frequently (although the last time was last October), and never needed a passport.
Originally posted by hokkyokusei
Since when did you need a passpart to fly within the UK?
My parents had to fly up to Edinburough(sp?) a couple of monts ago, and the terms and conditions stated that they had to show a passport for security & identification purposes. This is flying with EasyJet, though, and it maybe just their policy. As it would be EasyJet I'd use, the same would apply to me. So Richard Branston's rail-company gets my dosh. Trains are more enviromentally 'right-on', than aircraft too! ;) As one of my sisters works for SusTrans, she'd give my no end of grief for flying.

I did think camping would be the more "social" thing to do - just hope it doesn't precipitate down with rain all week.

BTW, how far is it to the nearest Pub? :D
Ah, I see, I usually fly BMI.

I think there has been some rain every year I've been, to a greater or lesser extent.

I don't know how far away the nearest pub is, but people don;t usually bother with the pub unless they are going for food.

There is a structure know as "the pavilion" which is where we set up prep areas. It's a proper building with electricity - warm and dry even when it's raining, and we usually sit up late in there drinking, swapping tales, and generally winding each other up.
Another reason to take the train:

(got this from - they've got loads of old ads there! :D
Wish I was going! :(

I convinced my dad about going to K-Lob today though! (they're agreeing to a lot of stuff!)