Introducing Impulse Launch Systems


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Jul 3, 2021
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Las Cruces, NM
Hi All! We established our business in November of 2019 and began selling in March 2020. We have a selection of Launch Controllers for LPR and HPR Rocketry. Gloria and I fly rockets together and we are both L2 certified. After years of launching with questionable and/or borrowed launch gear, I became that guy who built and maintained launch controllers for the club.


Well now we would like to do this for you and your club. Our systems are tough, easy to use, and easy to store between launches. We provide innovative features like an integral Power Pack and audible Arm warning when you arm the pads. Your launch leads and extension wind neatly onto the controller spool.

Since we manufacture these systems ourselves, we are able to customize your order. Just tell us what you would like and we will work with you. All systems include a 90 day warranty on all delivered parts. Our controllers are designed to perform for 10 years or more, so we offer a repair program in case something goes wrong. This is important to us because if something fails we want to understand how, so that we can make our products even more reliable.

Our controllers are delivered in a carton designed for storage so that all of your launch gear can be stored in one place. Even the safety key is attached by a cord. No loose parts means no disappointments. All you need to do is put a fresh charge on your power pack and head out to the field.

We keep two or more of each of our products in stock so that we can ship the day of your purchase.

Please stop by our Shop and check out what we have to offer. We also have a YouTube channel where you can see some demos of our products.