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Jan 18, 2009
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Hey all-
Name's Greg. Live in north central Iowa.
I did a very little model rocketing when I was in about third grade and have taken about 23 years off.
Recently a friend and I took his two kids (son 11 - daughter 9) and my nephew (10) and launched some rockets for grins and giggles. We launched all Estes rockets; an NSA Starship (twice) that came with the launcher, two No. 2 Estes Sky Writers (the boys got identical rockets), and an Eliminator off a homebuilt pad.
The two shots of the Starship went well, the two shots of the Skywriters went well as did the shot of the Eliminator. Of course, we used the largest engines we could get our hands on and the first four recoveries went well also. However, there were appearently much higher winds up where the Eliminator got to and when the parachute opened.... it was GONE!!!! Poop. Have to invest in a beeper or radio finder or something.
Despite this, I think I could get a little more into this.
Over Labor Day weekend my buddy and I are taking his kids with us down to the KloudBusters Air Fest in Argonia, KS. We never knew this existed, but when you get off I-35 at Exit, instead of turning west to Wellington and Argonia, if you turn east, the first town you get to is Oxford. Convienently, his mother lives just east of Oxford, so we can have a place to stay. Hope its as much fun as the Discovery Channel made it look.
Hi Greg

Welcome to TRF, I'm Donald. I think you will like it here. Oh yeah, this hobby is as great if not greater than the Discovery Channel made it to be.

You will be surprised how far you can go in this hobby. A lot of us are even NAR/TRA certified to fly high power rockets with motors from H to N and larger.

If you need help from us or need an answer to a specific question, please do not hesitate to ask.:)

Again, welcome.:)
AIRFEST is gonna be a BLAST. It always looks to be. I don't think that the Kloudbusters will disappoint you, they always run a classy show.

Welcome to TRF, and to rocketry too! I've found enough here to keep me busy for a lifetime :)
Welcome to TRF!

I can also say that you won't be dissapointed with AIRFest, as I was at Kloudburst and it was great, vendors onsite for all your motor and possibly (estes and maybe more) kit needs.
Welcome to TRF:)

If you have any questions this is the place to ask them, welcome to rocketry as well, warning rocketry is very addictive:D
Hello and welcome to the forum Greg...

How far north are ya..? Ft. Dodge, Mason City..??

Ames, here..
Welcome. What others say is true...highly addictive. Lots of good stuff here though. One of the neatest features of this forum is the search feature. You won't believe what you can find in there.

Yeah, I suspect that it will become addicting; I bought a four-wheeler a couple of years ago and spend about an hour a night on the forum at

I live about 20 miles se of Mason City; Rockford.
I've lived in Ames a couple of times, though I never gradiated.
Have to get together some time and show me some stuff.
You aren't by chance a SCUBA diver are you? I need a diving buddy; another addicting hobby.
Or a 4-wheeler, riding buddies are good too.

Now for the real important question: are there any hot single chicks in rocketry? :D

Originally posted by 11Bravo

Now for the real important question: are there any hot single chicks in rocketry? :D

I wish!!!

A hot blonde about 22-23 years old involved in rocketry would be AOK with me!!!:D :D :D

Since I live in Florida, maybe I should bring some rockets to the beach and see what happens.;) :D