International Rocket Week 2022.


Jul 7, 2009
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International Rocket Week 2022.

Dear fellow rocketeers.

Dates and details of the SARA (*) organised and hosted International Rocket Week (IRW 2022 - Monday 22nd to Monday 29th August) are now updated at the event web site, at -, and the the event Facebook page is at -
The IRW will once again be Base Camped at the Lapwing Lodge Outdoor Centre, above Paisley, near Glasgow, and the rocket flying will be at the Fairlie Moor Rocket Site (FMRS). Full details of Base Camp, FMRS, Programme, and other information on the web site.
Details of how to register for the event, and also to book accommodation at the Base Camp, which each have to be done by separate means, are on the "Important Information" page at the web site.

The SARA-IRW Organising Committee and I look forward to welcoming all who are able to come and participate in IRW 2022.

Best regards, John Bonsor,
SARA-IRW Organising Committee Secretary & Co-ordinator.
(* Scottish Aeronautics & Rocketry Association - &