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Jan 20, 2009
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It was previously mentioned in a separate thread that there are enough folks out there who have Fat Boy's to be able to have a Fat Boy Launch where we all go out and launch on the same day, just to see how many we can put up. Anybody want to move on this idea, or would it just not work?

im gonna have to get another because mine is resting about 70 foot in the air in the belly of an oak tree
I'd be up for an International Fatboy day.

Why stop with the Fatboy .... How about Big Bertha Days? Deuce Days? Der Red Max Days? .... The list is staggering! :)
I'd recommend (just me here) sticking with the Fat Boy's because 1) they're cheap
2) They're readily available
3) You can get them at nearly any rocketry store (As opposed to the Fliskits designs, which are still mostly unknown to the market out here)

Well, anyone who knows about IFBD would know about Fliskits. Jim is famous here, and this is where the idea came from, and most of the people here have Dueces. An International Duece Day would be cool...

IFBD would also be cool. WOuld it include modified fat boys with big fat clusters in them?:cool:
How about modded fat boys with deuce style clusters in them?? Combine the two events :p
to buy yet another Fat Boy. I modified the first for D power.

Great Idea! When? Where?
Originally posted by shockwaveriderz
I don't own a fatboy but I am a fatboy, so if somebody wants to launch me......
Bang! Zoom! To the Moon!!!!