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Jan 17, 2009
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My friend at work showed me this tracking report from UPS. With all the bent, damaged, smashed packages UPS has dropped off at our houses without a word about their condition, we were both wondering how bad this really had to be for UPS to admit it, and not even attempt a delivery :lol:

Wish they provided pictures :y:

My mom worked at FedEx for 27 years in HR. Ultimately she wrote for the EVPs. She started on the ramp loading boxes into planes. Anyways... Anything from truck/aircraft crashes to storms, conveyvor equipment malfunctions, and even employees stealing from packages is possible. The worst besides vehicle accidents is when employees are angry on job and smash packages as that damages the company image.

There was was one infamous post at FedEx, freight okay, pilots dead... Mom like lost it on that worker for posting that... Some young communications staff have no empathy.

The worst I had with UPS was when they left a box of explosives on a truck. And it went across the country twice before finally reaching here. Guy on the phone wasn't rude, he said the driver had forgotten it on the truck. It was a Wildman reload. lol.
It's funny how the delivery guy or gal treats a high power rocketry reload very carefully due to all the explosive markings. Some sweat as they gently place the box as softly as possible on the porch. Then you order a box of lead for reloading and they heave it and it crashes to ground then yell... "Is that lead?" We just smile and say yeah we like reloading ammo...
I have had a box of motor reloads left on the front doorstep of my house because I wasn't home. The DH from the delivery company left the box with the "explosives" stickers facing the street and visible. What could possibly go wrong...

On another note, we have had spectrometers turn up to customers, after being shipped from the factory, with two fork-lift tines having severely skewered the delicate equipment somewhere along the way. They made it all the way to the customers without any word from FX that they had damaged them.