Interesting ejection charge in action picture.

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Jul 29, 2014
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Ran across this picture of Richard Ng's Applewhite 24mm Monocopter a fraction of a second after the ejection charge on the D12-3 had popped. It was a darkish overcast day and the conditions were perfect so you can clearly see the smoke trails of the individual black powder grains. Do not see the D12 casing in the Monocopter motor mount, so it must have kicked out.

Interesting colors as well.

Very nice picture!

It reminds me of the pictures of heat flares used by military aircraft to counter missiles, with the smoke trails shooting in all directions.
Nice photo! Yours?

Nope. Should have credited my friend Paul Willenborg from North Little Rock, AR.

That was captured at a model airplane event held there every year, SMALL, that always has some rocket activity going on during the weekend. Was back around 2011, I think.