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Jun 30, 2010
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Im not sure if I can get any more of these made but I think I can get the odd couple so here it is . If I where to get more of these made would anyone be interested in them? They are used for aligning fins , and made from a nice clean ally , professionally machined & CAD'd.

Sorry about the camera flash , it ruins the effect. Note they do not come with the scratches , that one had been used lol.
What is used to center the rocket airframe inside the template guides?

Is there any kind of "buffering material" on the insides of the fin slots to protect the fins from getting scratched up (felt or something?)

And what would the cost of something like this be?
Ill only offer it for a few buks + shipping charge. But I must agree theres alot of problems with this one , and I am in the process of building a new version .
Considering that a used Estes fin alignment guide sells on eBay for upwards of $30 plus shipping (there is a new sealed one at $42+ right now) if your design works well you could make more than a couple of bucks plus shipping. (I've never used, or even seen, other than in pictures, the Estes guide, so I have no idea how well one works. For all I know, their value is just in being OOP, though somehow I doubt it.)
I could see the bottom plate having a rod on it that differant motor casings could slide onto maybe with a bit of tape fitting as well or even interchangable rods but what about the top plate? Wouldn't there have to be several for all common sized fin stock? The price would have to go way up to make it truly usefull for a range of rocket sizes/engines/fin widths but it is such a cool looking tool that I'm sure a even a very expensive limited production run would probably sell out.
very nice.. If the price is right, I'd think about buying one... But yes, the said improvements would be nice too...