Interest in Up-scale Battle Axe?

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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We have had a couple request for a up-scale Battle axe. This is what we think we might do if there is a interest. It would be around 30" long with a BT60 body tube. We would use a 24mm motor mount.

I would like to think Bob Cox for siming this out and doing the up scale part.

On a C11-5 538'
D12-5 1010'
E9-6 1745'
F21-8 2363'

This rocket would come with plywood fins and wouls sell between $19.95 and $21.95 depends on the price of some parts.

Please let me know if this would interest you.

I have attached a picture of the 18mm Battle that you can get at
I would definately buy one. I have the kit and I love the way it looks and the way it flies.

I would even love a MPR one, capable of flying on F and G motors.:D
A 24mm version would be very cool........ I'll take one....

(What about a 29mm version)