Interest in anti-zipper rings?

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Aug 13, 2014
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Do to some issues with aggressive deployment of my steerable kite, I believe the last version was over sized, I had some issues with airframe zippering and sharp fiberglass cutting my kevlar. I have designed an aluminum anti zippering ring that I am looking to have made by Aeropack. To keep the costs down I would like to make more than one set so I am wondering if anyone else would be interested in purchasing them. Essentially they consist of an aluminum ring that epoxies over the end of the airframe, reinforcing the end of the airframe and creating a smooth 1/8" x 3/16" aluminum edge, and an aluminum ring of matching thickness for the mating coupler. My rockets separate on both ends of the av-bay so this version has one coupler band, in place of a switchband, and two anti-zipper band. I have attached a rendering. I'm not sure of the final cost of the units as it will largely depend on the final quantity manufactured, though if I can't get the price down to close to the cost of a tail cone set I may not end up getting them.

Looks like a great idea for LOC/Madcow/PML cardboard tubing. Maybe it could be made in plastic for those rockets, aluminum is probably overkill for them.
I'd give it a shot, because as soon as I say I don't have many zippering problems, I'm condemned at my next launch to suffer from exactly that!
(btw-Bob is a great guy to work with and you should see his garage-all kinda neat toys!)
Oops, I thought you were referring to reefing rings/cylinders which might have the same effect. Still waiting for a NAR Research report on that... hint, hint to anyone looking for a research topic that might be of great value to the community.