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Jan 17, 2009
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Has anybody tried the replacement decal set from Estes for the Interceptor E?

I know the original decals that came with the kit were pretty thin and really a PIA to use.

I have a couple of replacement sets I got from Estes but I just haven't had a chance to use them yet. (haven't even built one yet!)

I only ask 'cause I've recieved two requests for me to make replacements and I was just wondering if I should bother working them up.

I have the scans so I'm ready but it is a bit of work to redraw them.
I built one last year, the original Estes decals were crap. I contacted Estes and when they got the new decals they sent me a set along with alot of other people also who had requested replacements. The replacement decals were very good, no problems at all. You could even see how much thicker they were.
You had better luck than me. I bought one of those first Interceptor E kits and contacted Estes asking for decal replacements.... it has been over three months and not an answer or decal replacement... :(
I built, flew and crashed mine a couple months ago. I havn't gotten around to ordering replacement parts and Decals but am about to. I read about the problems people had with the thin decals from the start so I hit them with a couple of coats of Krylon Krystal Clear (a practice thats becoming more and more common for me). After that, they went on great.
I requested replacements last fall, received them in a couple weeks, and they worked fine. Didn't try the originals; it was obvious that they were much thinner than the replacements.

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