instructions for 29/40-120 RMS case?

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Apr 7, 2004
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Hello. I just received my first ever RMS case, a 29/40-120. However, it did not come with instructions because I bought it from a previous owner.

1) Does anyone know where I can find the instructions?

2) If not, are there any important things I need to know?

3) It came with 3 parts (a tube, and 2 closures), is that all I need?

WEll, Joe gave you the right stuff, but it's not like you need to print them out or anything. Brand new, the case comes with no instructions. The instructions come in the reload kit.
Good case, now go buy some G64s...:D
EDIT: Yes, the 3 things are all you need. Brand new, it comes with a tiny tube of grease, but vaseline works just dandy.
The hobby line of RMS should come with dirrections. The HPR cases usually don't. The reloads should come with directions.
But really all the RMS case instructions are are reload instructions with no specification of what load they are for. So you'll have all you need once you get your first reload.