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Jan 17, 2009
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My son and I were planing on a road trip to NEFAR today, but
overslept. So instead, we hit the corner park with a few small ones...

As has become tradition with him, my son likes to launch the
Freaky Flyer to test the wind.
Next up is a repaired Estes Flyer #2.

On it's first flight, we lost the nose section due to the cruddy
shock cord mount. Why, oh why didn't I suggest a tri-fold when he was
building it? :(

I sanded a new NC and transition from a craft peg I found at the store
one day.

We also replaced the chute with a streamer made of crepe paper.
Next we sent up the Flyer #1. This was the first flight for this one
and sure enough- the shock cord ripped right out of the mount.
I really don't like these mounts!! I hope this is not something
Estes is going to continue with.

Luckily, all the parts were recovered (unlike the #2) and she'll fly again.
And finally, we just couldn't wait to launch the new Baby Bertha.
It's decked out in grey primer!

This flew on an A8-3 and did so well, we followed up a B6-4.
Four birds flown, five motors burned- only one unsuccessful flight.

All-in-all, not a bad couple of LPR hours at the park. <img src="">

BTW, I'm still working on the timing for my new Cannon PowerShot.
That's why I didn't post any 'in flight' pics.
Maybe next weekend you'll get your fix of AP motors. ;) Hopefully you'll be able to join us as planned. Time for HERC rocketeer roll call!
Originally posted by eugenefl
Maybe next weekend you'll get your fix of AP motors.

Yeah! My E30's & F21's are on the way from GreatLakes and Pratt Hobbies
sent an email today confirming the shipment of my kevlar. Hopefully,
my BARnone will take to the skys in Tampa. :)

Looking forward to completing another stop on the TOUR de FLORIDA!!

It'll be great to have you in town Brian. Just hope and pray that I'll be able to make it!