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Nov 1, 2009
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Winchester, Indiana
Hello, I am new to this hobby and just want to thank all for being so helpful just since I started asking questions! I found this link to rocket boosted gliders and am so very interested! The wulfe caught my attention and will probally buy a kit. Where can I get more info on these birds? Stuff like how to launch, engines, scratch build stuff? Is there a book or is it trial and error or both? Sorry for all the questions!
Any info would be great!
Thanks, LP:confused:
Well, unless you want to re-invent the wheel; Space Plane Falcon Night Hawk (pop-pod; a little more complicated) Sky Dart Flying Jenny (one of my favorites) Condor Flat Cat (a classic) Delta Cat a whole slew of small, medium, and large boost gliders that are extra good for NAR contests

You probably should also read the parts of the old design manuals that talk about building and trimming boost-gliders

Something to keep in mind is that these gliders are built and trimmed a bit differently than hand-tossed gliders. When boost-gliders are launched, strapped to a motor pod, the glider's wing and tail lift must be carefully trimmed out so that during launch the whole rocket does not just loop under power (and come right back at you). If the kit instructions say to build the wing (or tail) with a certain angle of incidence, they mean it. Best to follow the directions until you have built a few before you start trying to second-guess.

The designs I listed are all proven, workable boost-glider designs from people who know what they are doing. Be a little careful of stuff sent in to magazines ("Little Johnny's entry for 'Design of the Month' ). The Space Plane was probably the original boost glider kit, designed by Vern Estes himself, and is both classic and a bit tricky (sometimes) to trim and get it to glide well. Some people like the Falcon (I never had trouble with it) and some people don't. The Flying Jenny is a lot of fun. The Flat Cat was designed by Harry Stine, the guy who launched the NAR, and is another classic design.

One thing to keep in mind when building a modern copy of some of these old designs is that current Estes motors seem to have a nuclear-sized ejection charge. In an old boost-glider design with a motor pod, designed for the motor to kick out at ejection, the violent ejection could well rip the entire motor pod off instead. Build the motor pod attachment well, use a good grade of balsa, make good tight "woodworker" joints, probably even wrap the outside of the motor pylon with some reinforcing paper or cardstock (glued on).

There. That ought to keep you busy
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