Info. Needed Tomahawk w/Sandia Payload

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Dec 18, 2004
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I just finished building a Quest #2005 Tomahawk. It is described as a "sport scale model of famous atmospheric research rocket."

The scale data sheet that was included has a discrepancy and is unclear about decal application.

On one side of the sheet are two b/w photos along with general information including the paint scheme which reads in part, "There was a black band down the side of the gold tube. Two fins were black, and the other two were gold."

On the reverse side is a drawing by G. Harry Stine dated 9 March 1971. On this drawing, the fins are described as 3 gold and one flat black. There is also mention of a 3" wide black stripe down the side...

As far as painting goes I'm prone to follow the information in the Stine drawing as being more accurate. The kit comes with two black stripe decals, but there is only mention of one stripe.

I understand that the book "Rockets of the World" has information on this particular rocket. I'm planning on buying the book, but as of now I was wondering if anyone who has it would look up the information and clarify the following for me.

One or two fins painted black.
A single black stripe or two and the orientation with respect to the fins. (between two gold, black gold, etc.)

Thanks in advance,

Kent, K5knt
1 Fin painted solid black, with a single 3 " wide stripe. I've included the image from Peter Alway's book for your consideration.

This is the Sandia Sandhawk version in 1/25th scale.

Forgot to mention, if you need the 2 page entry - please PM me and I'll zip them off to you.