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Info and Scans of the Estes Bull Pup 12D (1972) Fins and decals w/ruler

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Mar 27, 2013
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qquake's build has got my interest...

I'm looking for scans of the fins, and decals along with a ruler. I'd prefer the fins to be separate from the matrix, and the ruler along the root edge. If that's not an option, In the matrix is useable, but a slower process for me.

I also need to know the length of the body tube.

I prefer .png or .pdf files. I find that .jpg files add a lot of artificial artifacts due to the compression algorithms they use. This makes them harder for me to use, and the results are less satisfying.
Jim, the scanner is working...somewhat.
In between errors and blurry images, trying to find a way to get it to the format you can work with.
Sorry it's taking so long. This is one old scanner. (Brother MFC 9600)

No hurry, I'm busy, so it's not the highest of priorities.