InFlight A-20 Demon: Finishing Question

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Mar 2, 2009
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THe A-20 Demon clone kit from inflight comes with both waterslide decals and foil "stickers"

My normal routine is to apply waterslide decals over the final coat of paint and then add a coat of Future Floor Finish on top.

Question: Should I put the foil stickers under the Future or on top of the Future? Will the future make the foil more or less shiny? Does future even play nice with "sticker" material? Inquiring minds want to know!

Anyone dealt with this yet?

I've never had Future react badly with anything.
I think it will be fine on the foil stickers.
I've used it on mylar tape and it really makes it shiny.
Works really well on clear tubes and metallic paints too.
This rocket has all three.

Paylord kit bash sm.jpg
I recently finished a Inflight A20 Demon.
Applied the foil decals on the fin roots and the wrap on the lower portion of the body tube first.
After a few days to let the decals dry, gave the rocket a couple coats of Future. Turned out great, no issues.

I did not coat the payload bay wrap, but may go back and do it after the satisfactory results with the rest of the finish.

Definitely clear coat the foil. I have one of these...and the ink will run if they area not clear coated. I use Krylon triple glaze and it looks great.

Come to think of it, my clone has been around a while and may not be in Inflight if I bought it before he started business, it might be PDR. So if the foil wraps are different, then I may stand corrected.
Got my A-20 Demon and a couple of other InFlight kits ready to go for tomorrow.

I'm not sure how I ended up building all the yellow and black kits at the same time :confused2:

I used Future Floor Polish over all the decals/foil and it came out great

Just so none of you all feel obligated... yes I know the foil wrap on the payload section of the A-20 is upside down :bang:

Each one of these is getting a ride on a D12-7 tomorrow, I'm feeling pretty good about getting them all back :p

A20 Demon 045 cropped.jpg