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Jan 26, 2009
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thank u, next
Out of the ashes of the first Infinity rises a new life...

May I introduce Infinity Reanimation.

It's all fiberglass, 76mm diameter with 7.55 feet of length. The booster can handle motors up to 32" long, allowing room for the M1315W and Loki/Kosdon 6000 Ns case. Two major design changes were incorporated into this new version vis-a-vis the old:

  1. A significant increase in fin area to reduce the possibility of coning and increase stability.
  2. A longer (now 9") coupler between the sections to reduce flexing in flight and make the transition through Mach smoother.

    At the moment, the fins are tacked on and the payload is assembled (left over from the first Infinity -- by now everyone should know that story!). I plan to add fillets to the fins tomorrow evening and then laminate them with one layer of 5.7 oz Carbon Fiber and one layer of 6 oz fiberglass to make sure they don't go anywhere. The reason for the mish-mash of paint and colors in the photo are due to the different generations of parts: fresh booster materials (all-new fin can), fresh nose cone (I crunched the old one last weekend...), and recycled payload section/main recovery bay.

    Planned first flight is our local August club launch on something relatively small (a J800T sounds about right). Assuming that goes well, it will see an M2400 at BALLS this year and avenge the death of its predecessor :p

    More updates as I finish construction!
ahh, so you went with 3 fins instead of the planned 4. looks like it will be ready for punishment in no time.:D

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