Indiana rocketry launch April 30th canceled due to weather

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chris m

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May 24, 2013
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Hello it was announced a few days ago , launch schedule out on the website
Trailer cleaning is set for April 23rd . Launch up to a K and waiver to 10k . I have been gone for awhile . I will have a few new projects going up , maybe a cluster and do have a two stage that I need to have build thread for .
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as long as Midwest Blast isnt postponed due to weather. I may only do part of my Vintage Motocross race and come back early to harrass you again.
Dang, same day as Midwest Blast, be literally driving right by Purdy on my way to 3 oaks - too bad that couldn't have coordinated a little better with Michiana's biggest launch
"2 day launch in April 22nd and 23rd, 2017. This is our big MIDWESTBLAST 2 regional launch. " I don't see a conflict unless I am missing something.
Haha. 30th wow didn't read the topic - only saw the 23rd which I now see says trailer cleaning not the launch.
Wow, I just became "that guy", my apologies
Haha that guy . Hope to see you out there and get some tubes from you
Reminder there is a launch on the 30th . Bob from County line said he will be there
Launch has been canceled due to weather . Just more time for building