Indiana rocketry field?


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Nov 18, 2014
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Denver, CO
I know IR launches smaller rockets at the Purdy Sod location, but I was wondering, did they ever find a field for bigger motors, like Thunderstruck?



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Sep 1, 2011
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Not yet, still hunting for field. They have had some leads but nothing near final unfortunately- still greatful to fly at Purdy which has K motor limit and 10K waiver

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Sep 18, 2011
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Nope. But someone else may have more information. Gustav??

I'm here Trucker! :D Resident master of fire and, d*ck/fart jokes present and, accounted for! ;)

I know IR launches smaller rockets at the Purdy Sod location, but I was wondering, did they ever find a field for bigger motors, like Thunderstruck? Thanks,

Andrew- Thank you for your question. Now i'm going to get serious...

The short answer is YES.

Right now we are working on the details to prepare ourselves for this lateral movement in 2018. The spot in question is located south of Lafayette Indiana not far from Interstate 74 with short access to many services/motels. Being that it is farm land, we will of course tie this in with our current Sod Farm location to provide unlimited access to flying in west central Indiana for fliers from all around us. Now, is not the time to give out ALOT of details due to the fact that we are still working on the logistics/waiver and, there's more STILL too finalize.

I think i would be ready to hear something before the year is up about "Thunder Valley"...

With that being said, the main reason you haven't heard this is that we had a chance to go back to Ash Grove this year. Unfortunately the new land owners didn't like what they heard from local residents around the property...That's right, we pi$$ed some people off around us.

With Ash Grove it went like this-

Land owner likes us, lets us fly on the most awesome field you can find around here-
Land owner passes on. Daughter assumes control and, doesn't feel "comfortable" with the current situation, lets us go-
Daughter sells land to current owners who are on the fence until a "Squeaky Wheel" stands up and, voices their opinion of how the land owner SHOULD run his property.
Current owners deny us the ability to come back.

That's life young man.

There's a valuable lesson here. No matter where you go- No matter where you fly- Assume responsibility for your actions at the field, around the field and, most of all...when recovering your rocket. Do not present a bad image/cause trouble with surrounding neighbors. One unhappy individual has the ability to put an end to something you enjoy sometimes, more than you can imagine.

Now the reason we haven't said alot is that we were sure that we could come back until the decision was made for us and, with that alot of people had been informed we were almost there- We let alot of people down too quick. We want this to be in the pot/done and, ready before we make any further announcements.

Indiana Rocketry was founded by FIVE dedicated people (of which four of us are still here). Along the way, we picked up alot of talented/hard working people who made us what are...ABOVE what we ever thought we could accomplish in such a short time. It is without a doubt the efforts of so many that we are still here...


If/when we move into our new winter/spring location keep this in mind...Thunderstruck style events (again) are still along ways out, baby steps are what you take to someday walk giant steps on the moon. We want to ease into this location and, not scare off the neighbors.

So, i would like to end this with this thought. Give us some time...and, of course a very special THANK-YOU to Ed Purdy of Purdy Sod Farms for keeping us in his graces and, allowing us to use HIS land and, do the great things we do with the resources we have available.

Remember these words- "Thunder Valley"