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I should have been literal. I'm not looking for an "Indestructible rocket" but rather a "destruction resistant" rocket.

The first kit that I've built in the high power world is the Madcow Cowabunga 4" diameter rocket. Never worked with epoxy before, so I found it quite a challenge. The stuff is messy! Decided to "overbuild" this rocket with the primary objectives being to Certify Level 1 (and possibly Level 2)--and to fly various telemetry payloads. Modified the nosecone to add an altimeter bay, and a camera shroud to fly a keychain camera.

Objectives were for the rocket to fly "low and slow" and be tough enough to have a good chance at certification. Built using 30 minute epoxy for the airframe, and JB Weld for the fin fillets and retainer. You can see just how rusty I am by looking at the fin fillets--but I suppose the additional drag will help to ensure that the rocket doesn't fly too high. I elected to beef up some components by replacing the stock eyebolts with stainless steel, adding lock washers, SS swivel links, etc. The additional weight in the nosecone should also help to make the rocket more stable.

I was thinking of a fiberglass kit with a fin can for a 2nd kit, and level 2 rocket.

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Your fillets look great compared to some epoxy clay ones i have seen .

You may enjoy working with RocketPoxy over traditional as it lends itself to stay in place when applied onstead of running all over.

Looks like a great L1 bird and looking forward to hearing about what catches your eye for L2. If i could offer a suggestion. ..pick a motor you really want to fly, then find the perfect rocket to fly it in. You may cert on a smaller motor, but you build the bird for the go for it flight.