Incident - B-47 derelict while in flight (USAF video)

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Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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Wow, quite a tale from the cold war:

Thanks Winston, I remember seeing this years ago and kinda forgot about it.
Thanks Winston, I remember seeing this years ago and kinda forgot about it.
It showed up today in my suggested videos at YouTube based upon previous viewing interests. Not a USAF video as I'd thought, but must be based upon an actual event because of the way it's presented and who presents it, Gen. Kenney. From the text below the video:

Flight was a television show from 1958, and this episode is entitled THE DERELICT. It was directed by Jean Yarbrough, written by Arthur Brown, Jr. and features a cast that includes Robert Christopher, Patrick Waltz, Christopher Dark, Ray Montgomery, Ed Perry, William Cassidy, Steve Ihnat. Flight ran from 1958-59 and was hosted by (General) George C. Kenney (the first commander of the Strategic Air Command). In this particular episode a B-47 bomber catches fire in mid-air, and its crew must make a desperate decision about whether to bail out of the stricken aircraft.
Wish my Dad was still around to ask-he was a B-47 pilot for many years. Even if they were adults, I lost a few aircrew friends during those years. The B-47 was nuclear capable and spent time during the cold war waiting for the go code to unload on Russia while orbiting the North Pole. I'll try and find some air-to-air pics and post them. My brother may have scammed them all-not sure. Thanks for posting this....missing him on Father's Day.
I've since found clear statements that all of the incidents on the program were based upon true stories. Many descriptions didn't make that clear.