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Feb 18, 2009
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Van Orin illinois
In remembrance of Paul Robinson, one of the original founders of AMW and AMW/PRO, Wildman Hobbies is donating $2 from every AMW/PRO X reload sold until the end November to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

AMW /PRO-X is going to continue production. We are launching Paul’s latest creation, the AMW/Pro X 54 line, which is what he would’ve wanted.

These reloads use a disposable single-use nozzle. This means no more messy graphite nozzles are needed, one nozzle carrier fits all of 54mm cases and one for the 75mm cases . These reloads come with a disposable nozzle and require the use of a reusable aluminum nozzle carrier that you will get free with every order for this sale only.

The grains are already in the liner, just slide the reload into the case with the new nozzle carrier and install the snap rings and you are ready to fly. An igniter is also included with each reload. At this moment all of these reloads are certified for use in AMW hardware only. They can also be used with LOKI, and Gorilla hardware but the combination may not be flown at a commercial, insured launch. With Loki hardware you will also need an AMW forward bulk head.

Until the end of November take 20% off AMW/PRO X retail prices and get a free nozzle carrier with every AMW/PRO-X order. The first shipment of these loads should be delivered to Wildman’s in the first part of November.

If you would like to match Wildman’s donation just let us know when you place your order.


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Jan 25, 2009
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That's a nice thing to do.

BTW the new reloads look great. Got a J325TT to try.;)


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