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Sep 20, 2003
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That other thread got me to thinking about classic bands and artists (say circa 1972) as compare to today's contemporary acts. Do they compare for that matter?

I say not. My contetion is that contemporary acts depend much too heavily on a "visual" component non-existant prior to (for wont of a better description) MTV ish spectacle.

Just thoughts from one whom appreciated good LP dust cover art...
in the early 70's a sucessfull band had to make it on talent

nowadays they rely on a talent agency and have to look good

I mean look at some of the musicians from the 70's definately not all were fashion models...usually the ugliest band rocked the best ! look at Mountain

Video(mtv) killed the radio star
I would say you cant really compare the two.#

Back in the 70's it was music
Now its a music industry

AND you've got TV programs like Pop Idol and Fame Academy making it even worse...

Originally posted by WiK
AND you've got TV programs like Pop Idol and Fame Academy making it even worse...
Its programs like these that are killing music NOT programs like Napster!

The music industry has been in need of 'putting out of its misery' since the late 70s, when punk delt its KO punch! MTV et al actually killed it, and these Pop Idol progs are just flogging a dead horse!

I learned, at about 13, to ignore the junk the industry wants you to listen to, and I listen to what *I* want to listen to! Its sooo much easier to find good stuff to listen to, nowadays, with these p2p progs! ;)
TV is killing good music. Have you ever noticed how 95% of the people/bands making music today are "beautiful people". Take a look at Janis Joplin, Art Garfunkel, Geddy Lee, Roger Waters Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc.... Do you think MTV would have shown their ugly mugs on television? Probably not. It seems to make it in music these days, you have to be really pretty/sexy or really strange. Music has very little to do with it. "You've got big boobs and can kind of carry a tune, let us write you a song, we'll make a video, sell makeup and skimpy clothing to 7 year old girls and we'll all be rich!" It makes me sick.

Gotta go, my N'sync cordless phone is ringing.

John (not Jon) Arthur

P.S. Please tell me I'm not just getting old! I know my father would rather have heard the Dave Clark 5 rather than the stuff I had. Am I my father?
The country music industry is *the worst* perpetrator of that phenomenon, John. I've heard some phenominal female vocalists locally that will never make it - not because of their talent or writing ability, but because they don't look as good as the Shania Twains and Faith Hills of the world.

Wynona Judd is by far the exception - so much so that I dare to call her unique (although she did become a celebrity while working with her *hot* mom.)
[rant]My opinion is that it's not so much that "video killed the radio star" or shows like "Idol" and that ilk (heh...always wanted to use that word:D ), but that there's a distinct lack of creativity and originality in the music industry. That's not the fault of the artists, though...the blame lies with the marketing people and the music executives.

Artists from the decade of the late 60's to the late 70's would never have a chance in today's music industry, which, IMO, was one of the most creative periods of rock and music in general. Bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly, wouldn't even get an album made in today's music environment, let alone radio airplay (well, Rush STILL doesn't get much, but that's beside the point:D )

Nowadays, it's all cookie-cutter music. The radio station I listen to plays both classic and new rock. I have to listen to what band the DJ says is playing just so I can tell who's who with new artists. And it's even worse with the Top 40/country/hip-hop stations that my 20 year-old daughter listens to. The lowest common denominator for the biggest profit, and marketing telling us what we like. The sad fact is that people believe it when they tell them that, especially younger people, who get bombarded with this stuff everywhere.[/rant]

And Juaru - yes you are turning into your father.:D I was lucky in that my parents actually LIKED Rush and Yes and most of the other stuff I listened to. Now, I tell people the only Top 40/country/hip-hop/rap I like is when my daughter sings it (she sings VERY well). Otherwise, it's all noize to me.
You've got that right. Take a look at the liner notes on a country album. Very rarely does the "artist" write any of the songs or play any of the music.

Gotta love Willie, though!

For you country folks out there. We're talking about the new "pop country". Not Johnny, Willie, Tanya, Loretta, George, Hank etc....

pre-teen and teenagers drive the music industry,because they buy the most cd's,,so the mill churns out what they want.

it's not that they are being bombarded's simply what is most popular with the target group


(that Avril is kinda cute .heh)
Originally posted by Juaru
TV is killing good music. Have you ever noticed how 95% of the people/bands making music today are "beautiful people".

...and then there's that sexy dude Marilyn Manson. :rolleyes: :kill:
Originally posted by stymye
pre-teen and teenagers drive the music industry,because they buy the most cd's,,so the mill churns out what they want.

it's not that they are being bombarded's simply what is most popular with the target group


(that Avril is kinda cute .heh)

If you had said, "The mill churns out what the industry wants them to want", then I would agree with you.
about the Beatles!

long live Rock and Roll!!!!!!!
Yeah, ain't that funny?

The difference is that the Beatles WERE creative, they DID write their own music, they DID play their own instruments (rather well, too, including Ringo).

There's also the consensus that Sgt. Pepper, Revolver, and The White Album inspired the whole prog-rock genre, which inspired many artists to experiment without a care as to what people thought, making music on their own terms, and succeeding.

THAT'S the difference between music then and "music" now.

Plain and simple, I guess...I don't see what's so great about it. I also don't like MTV or VH1 or BET, etc., etc. It drives me nuts with all that crud. I really really really do not like all the African-American "culture" that has been interjected into ours. Anyways, all of ya'll are completely right - those classic rock bands wouldn't have made it in this music world. I think it's just funny how I'll listen to ACDC's "Shoot to Thrill" or other classic rock, and STILL think it is a great song! The song is almost 30 years old! I get sick of most of these days' songs in about a month or so...strange...

Lol…lol… now I know who the over forty crowd is. I would have to agree with all of you!
Okay, just to play devil's advocate...

The Beatles, the Who, Stones, Zep were popular and talented... but guess what? Still built with spectacle. The Beatles and their haircuts - the Who and their on-stage gear destruction - Jagger's swagger and Page's bare chest and crotch-hugging pants... And all made films that can be seen as precursors to the music video as we know it today.

Don't like what American Idol has done to music? Chances are you wouldn't like American Bandstand, Shindig, or Top of the Pops.

As for good-looking: standards for beauty were different between the sixties and the new millenium. For a good tracker of this, follow the change of the Bond Girls. Additionally, there were plenty of acts who sported good looks and great dress: Dave Clark Five, Marianne Faithful, the Mommas and the Poppas (three-quarters, anyway).

The music industry has <i>always</i> targeted the teen market. That goes as far back to the Swing era. Elvis was reviled by an earlier generation because he was corrupting the youth of America. The same youth that grew up to fear the Sex Pistols.

Bands such as the Who, the Beatles, the Clash, Pink Floyd are classics by definition: their work has stood the test of time. You think Bach and Beethoven were the only guys writing music in their time?

There is still great rock being made (can't speak to country, but I assume it's the same situation). You just have to find it off the beaten track. Led Zep didn't get big on AM pop radio; the evolution of FM AOR stations gave them an outlet. R.E.M. didn't get big on FM radio; the spawning of college radio gave them an outlet. Linkin Park had songs posted on to help them break through.

The classics of this era will emerge... but we'll only know it ten years from now.
Headhunter...not all of us complaining are over 40. I don't turn 40 for another 2 months and 3 days:D