IMR BP for ejection charges?

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Major Tom

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Jul 14, 2013
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Can someone tell me if this can be used in an ejection charge? Dug them up from an inherited reloading kit. Not familiar with the numbers.
Those are nitrocellulose based powders. They do not work for ejection charges without extreme confinement.
Those are all rifle powders that you have. The 3031 is the fastest, and 4064 the slowest. They need quite a bit of pressure to burn completely. Personally, I wouldn't try it. You would need fairly robust containment for the charges, and I think the reliability would be iffy at best.
As others have said, Smokeless powder wont generate the pressure or gas volume required for ejection. For fun, take a thimble full of BP and one of smokeless and ignite them. That will be your answer.
As others have stated, no. But keep those! If you inherited a full reloading setup, load up and burn some powder!
Well, as stated, smokeless propellants won't work for ejection. That said, you'll want to hold on to what you have there.

My old can of 3031 still has the price sticker on it... $7.99. Today, that same 1 lb can is $38.

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