Improvements on Second Estes V2 Build


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Aug 25, 2016
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Folks, I am a BAR who is back in the game for just a handful of months yet in the very near future I'd like to build another Estes V2 utilizing the things I have learned just in the past few months. Somewhere online there is a pattern to make scale fins instead of the "sport" fins that come with the kit. I found a way to build internal fillets when mounting the fins to the motor mount. This time I will use epoxy instead of Elmer's Wood Glue. I will use the Testors Model Cement to build external fillets between the boattail and fins. If I use a Kevlor shock cord do you suggest 6 or 8 feet? I am trying to educate myself on Aerotech RMS motor casings. I know I will want to get a 24mm one for my V2 and a 29mm for my Ventris.Which 24mm would I want for my new and improved V2? Lastly, I would get a nylon parachute. The plastic Estes parachute that came with the V2 already has its shroud lines coming unglued from the chute.

This will all be good experience when it comes to building a Loc Precision V2 this winter. Thanks all



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Jul 27, 2011
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For what it's worth, I've posted the full-resolution GIF files of my latest V-2 paint pattern drawings on flickr. These include the confirmed actual German camouflage patterns, and most of the German test roll patterns, the British Operation Backfire paint pattern, as well as a pretty good selection of White Sands roll patterns. These have been revised to eliminate errors on some drawings I posted some months ago.[email protected]/albums/72157624705434516/with/29276432833/

Here are a couple of representative samples: