Impossible time ground testing!!

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1) If you think it's powder quantity- what other sorts of containment work well with 777? I have installed 1/2" PVC endcaps with a 1-2" piece of pipe glued in. Have been sticking the centrifuge tube in, but can try to pack it. I've seen other folks use glove fingers, sandwich bags, latex surgical tubing, but all (I think) with real 4F BP.

I have never gotten Triple Seven to work in any type of containment except metal (I use copper tubing). It definitely does not work in centrifuge tubes, well not to my liking as it is inconsistent. Instead of flashing it burns and melts the plastic and full containment is lost so you don't get the pressure wave you expect. Either move to BP for the centrifuge tubes or go to metal tubing for containment with Triple Seven.