Image of Parrot v2 wired for dual deploy?

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Jan 31, 2009
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Hi, all.

First off Adrian at and his Parrot 2 product are AWESOME! Customer service is top notch and I doubt there's a more full-featured altimeter on the planet.

Does anyone have a photo of a Parrot 2 wired up for dual deploy including a 9V battery and, ideally, and external switch? I've reviewed the schematic several times then realized a picture is worth many words + a diagram.

Thanks much in advance.
Adrian is definitely awesome :)

As for the Parrot wired up, I hope Adrian posts a pic of his 38mm e-bay. 2 parrots and a beeline wired for ejection in a couple inches of 38mm tube. It's amazing. I have a Parrot V2, but I haven't wired it up for ejection yet.
Thanks, guys. I'm blushing.

Here is a build thread and a picture of the av-bay Chris was referring to, but it doesn't help with showing how to wire it up, since the wires are all tucked underneath the boards. If nobody else pipes up I'll make an example setup and take a picture of it. That's a good idea and I can use that in my long-overdue update to the manual.


The av-bay shown now has another deployment battery where my thumb is, so I have the outputs from both Parrots available, for a total of 6. Now I can use this for:
Apogee backup
Transmitter power on at apogee
Main backup
2nd stage ignition

if I want to cram that many deployment charges in there.
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Here's mine. Pardon the mess...

The Parrot onboard arm switch is inserted from the underside and wired to the small terminal
strip (there's a thread on the FeatherWeight forum about this). This goes to
one of the two throws on the external switch.

The larger terminal block provides the other half of the switching (white wires
at the top) and the common ematch path (black wires). The green/black pairs
(yellow/blue tape on the right) lead to the main/drogue.

The 9v Duracell is mounted on the PC board (backside not shown) fed from the red/black pair directly from the Parrot.


Opening the ebay this morning, I decided this is not as neat as I'd like and
I need to add some additional strain relief...


here is two different setup. The first one is for a 6" av-bay. The second set are same altimeters but for 3.9" av-bay. On the last picture you can see the wiring for the external power switch.

On the second picture, starting from the left, the first yellow (black mark) is for the main chute, the second yellow is for the drogue, followed by the power black negative, red positive and finally the blue wire is going to the switch for charges that you can see on the third picture. It switch the return wires for the charges.

The yellow wires are the charges for the Parrot and the black ones are for the RRC2.

Does't sound clear, I guess it's starting to be late...:caffeine: