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Rex R

Apr 21, 2010
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after looking at the news today I am thankful that I don't live in northern MN, I am so not ready for s**w yet :)
Snow? I love it as the mountain behind us as well as all the evergreens give you thank postcard perfect winterscape.
After leaving Connecticut, I really hope I don't ever see that crap again. Not fond of it at all.
Who said you had to be in NORTHERN Minnesota?? pretty snowy all over the state...
I really don't like snow and cold either, but will take it over wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. We are subject to tornadoes and ice storms, but it has been pretty quiet around here the last 62 years. A good blizzard is ok once in a while.
First use of the snow brush!

I live on the north side of the Twin Cities and it's been snowing all day. Not much on the ground though as expected.
No snow yet in NW Kansas; however forecast calls for 18 degrees tonight. That along with the 40+ mph winds we've had the last few days keeps out the riffraff better than an HOA.

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I'll make you a deal, Minnesota; you keep my snow for me, I'll keep your tornados for you. If either one of us feels the need, we can visit.