im new to model rocketry and..

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Nov 4, 2004
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I have built the python 4 and redstone mercury. I didnt even bother to try and build the escape tower because that just like....... blah to hard. But the python was pretty simple. So i want to build a rocket that looks like a real life rocket. Im looking at the dr zooch rockets which dont seem to have extremely little parts and look like i might be able to build it. Does anyone know if the zooch rockets have really little parts like the redstone tower? And what are the rockets that look like real ones called? I think there scale rockets but im not sure cuz ima noob. O yeah and any tips for beginers like painting and gluing and stuff are welcome.
I don't know anything about the zooch models per se, but I do know that some scale models tend to be a little more difficult than other more "standard" type model rockets. However, there are some relatively easy scales out there, like the Estes Phoenix, Amraam, and a few other missiles like that. There's also the Black Brant in it's many forms - Estes has a fairly popular one, as do many other companies.

By the way - yes, "scale model" is the term you were looking for.

Welcome to the hobby, and welcome to the forum! This group will definitely help you with any questions you might have from building tips to kit suggestions!

Welcome to rocketry; welcome to TRF! :)

Yes, they are scale rockets. This link (from the "Coffee House" forum) shows a list of on-line vendors and manufacturers. Aerospace Specialty Products produce a range of scale rockets, including the V-2 and several sounding rockets. Sounding rockets look very much like model rockets; they're small rockets which take scientific payloads into high atmosphere or low space, and are a good subject for a beginner to scale rockets. Some missiles also make fairly simple scale subjects.

Painting, gluing; this ought to generate some discussion as there are various types of paints and glues, each with their supporters. ;) Personally, I use enamel paints with a brush for small models, and car spray paints for larger rockets. The important thing it, don't mix the two - or if you do, use the car spray first, then brush on the enamel, do not use car spray over enamel. It reacts and causes a horrible mess. The other important thing, whichever paint you use, is that several light coats are much better than one heavy coat.

As for glues, I often use cyanoacrylates. Thin is good for soaking into paper or cardboard to reinforce it. Medium is good for tacking fins into place, and also very good for emergency repairs in the field. Wood glue, e.g. aliphatic resin, is also good for sticking fins in place and for putting fillets at the roots. And then there's epoxy resin; slow cure stuff gives the best strength, although a good 5 minute brand works well too. For any type, get it from a hardware or model shop, not a common brand name from a supermarket.

Have a look through old threads. You'll probably find that glue and paint has been discussed before. ;)
Welcome, im2!

One of the best things you can do is to pick up a copy of the Handbook of Model Rocketry, by G. Harry Stine. It is THE best book, especially for beginners. Tons of tips that have been refined through years of modeling.

And I'll echo what adrian says - start with simple models. Simple doesn't necessarily mean dull or boring. You'll get the experience you need so you'll efvfentually feel capable of tackling the Mercury escape tower. :)
Ok thanx guys. My friend built the mercury and he said once u get the tower together u can wrap masking tape around it. Ill try that and i got the other thing built so umm ya. Thnx