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Jan 19, 2011
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Cache County Utah
Moving on to a new house that is. This little rocket shop has been good but we pulled the trigger yesterday!

My rocket building/launching time has decreased with 3 little kids but I've got a SWEET one in the works and about the time I'm doing the fins, we decided to look for a new place. What a pain but the garage will be double the size! I can't wait to get the shop all re-set up and do my build thread of my high powered fantasy scale rocket!

I'm in a similar boat. And I CAN'T WAIT. Full basement and inherited tools means LOTS MORE BUILDING.
I already have an offer on my house but I'm not entirely satisfied so we are going to counter and see what happens. Assuming all works out, between moving and family and work, rockets will be on the back burner... On warm. I'll be dumping a bunch of money on gardening and fruit trees and the like. Too many irons in the fire!