I'm leaving for the Navy on February 3rd.

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Jan 30, 2009
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On Tuesday, February 3rd, I will be leaving for Navy boot camp. My recruiter will pick me up at 0430 ( or 4:30 AM for you civilians:p ) and I will get a physical in Albany, NY. Then I will swear into active duty. Then I will fly to Chicago, where I will take a bus to Great Lakes Naval Training Center.

I will be in boot camp for 9 weeks. While I am there, I will not have internet access.:( So I will be quiet for 2 months. After boot camp, I have 19 weeks of technical training also in Great Lakes. I then get two weeks leave. I will come home for that. Hopefully there is a launch then. :) Then I have 11 more weeks of training. While I am in training, I will have internet access. I plan on getting a laptop right after boot camp. I will be sure to keep you guys posted on my progress.

My job in the Navy will be Fire Controlman(FC). FC's operate, maintain, and repair the electronic, computer and control mechanisms used in weapons systems. For full details of the job, click here. The job is part of the Advanced Electronics/Computer Field(AECF) It is a 6 year enlistment. After all my training is done, I get a $5,000 sign-on bonus.:D I get half of it up front, and the other half is spread out in my paychecks.

After all my training, I'm not sure where I will be stationed. I'm hoping for Norfolk, Virginia. You fill out a "dream sheet" where you list your preferred bases. My recruiter says you usually get your first choice, but he's probably lying. :rolleyes:

I would just like to say that this forum has been great. Every time I have a question, I can get an answer in hours, sometimes even minutes. I really enjoyed meeting many of you in person, I especially enjoyed hosting the TDD for NY. I'm sure I will meet many more of you in the future.

Thanks so much. I'll see you in two months.:)
Best of luck, Nick. Looking forward to hearing from you in two months. And remember: never volunteer for anything.
oh.....the memories

I wish you all the best .man
it's definately a life changing experience!
I have nothing but fond memories( I'm Airforce ret.)

ohh your correct about the dream sheet
they call it that for a reason..

My recruiter says you usually get your first choice, but he's probably lying.

correct observation...but not impossible

regardless,It's a great gig

Nick,I'll be the first to say
thanks for volunteering for our great country!
Good luck, and thank you for being brave enough to enlist during these times.
Be sure to let us know when you get back on TRF.
Best wishes.

Good luck man, I hope your path pans out like you plan it to.

I'm sorry I didn't make it to your party, life is just so busy right now with hockey. I am behind you all the way man, you're doing a great thing for a great country.

Now you get to go play with the big boys;)
Good luck Nick!!

I wish we could have flown together since we live pretty close... oh well!!

Thanks for volunteering in these troubled times. I for one sure appreciate it!!

I hope you enjoy it. Iwish now, i went for 20,sounds like a hell of a long time,but it goes fast. jerry bt2 1963-1976:) ps.you tend to forgret all the living expences,when you think of getting out!
I salute you for stepping up and protecting us.
Thank you ahead of time for all the stuff you will go through, all the pain, all the Navy nonsense, all the chicken-stuff------and the honor, prestige, and irreplaceable memories of serving.
As for "My recruiter says you usually get your first choice," there is some amount of truth there. After all, the Navy wants you to be excited about your assignment, do it well, and eventually re-up. On the other hand, this IS the military we are talking about, and if they need cooks, well . . .
Take care, get back here as soon as you can
Nick, best wishes, best of luck, and don't forget about your pals on TRF. We'll all be rootin' for you! Whatever you do, don't admit to having the best "bowl-ing" score! :eek: You may find yourself doing a lot of "bowl-ing", er toilet bowl cleaning. Just trust me on that one. I also agree with the volunteer thing - there are NO bonus points for volunteers in boot camp!

Enjoy bootcamp even though it'll be a downer every now and again. Attached is a picture of myself and the rocketry supporting girlfriend. This was the last time I ever wore the USAF "Dress Blues."
It may not be original, but I too wish you well, and send a thank-you for serving our nation. And judging from the members, wherever you're finally stationed, you're likely to find a TFRer nearby!
Thank you for steping forward and volunteering to protect us in these troubled times

I went to Great Lakes <a.k.a Great Mistakes> Bootcamp back in 1984 ..Company 370

If anyone tells you that you have to salute the torpedo before you enter the mess hall, don't believe them <unless its your CC>

Best of luck in your Navy career
Good luck and best wishes!

We'll launch a couple for you!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. It's greatly appreciated.

It turns out i'm leaving a day early. I will go to Albany monday afternoon, and spend the night in a hotel. The next morning I will go to the Federal building for my physical and stuff.
Don't go to Norfolk, shipmate!

San Diego's a LOT better for rocketeers. Besides, I'd like to have another rocket fanatic in the surface community. We've got 2 launches a month, one on a nearby island, and one out in the desert, where the conditions ROCK! Granted, building rockets on board a ship isn't easy anywhere, but you might find some fellow club members who would be willing to let you store your "little friends" at their places.

Good luck, and welcome to the Fleet!


What can send a cold chill up the spine of a new Navy man???

the *snap* of a rubber glove...


Good luck at yer physical !
Joining the military was the best thing I ever did. Gives a chance to do things you couldn't possibly do any other way. It will be the time of your life!

Good Luck!!
While I agree that San Diego is very nice, I still want to go to Virginia. This is the first time I have ever been away from home, so I want to be fairly close.

Besides, it's only about 5 hours from MDRA. They fly all sorts of stuff. They aren't an NAR or Tripoli club so they can fly commercial and experimental on the same day. They fly so many big motors there.:D
Fair Winds and Following Seas, Shipmate :) I enjoyed my Navy experience. Thanks for choosing to serve your country. I know you'll make us all proud.

Best Regards,
Well, it's been 10 months since I signed up and it's finally time to leave.:eek: My recruiter is going to pick me up at 6:30 tonight. I will stay overnight in a hotel tonight, and go to the Federal Building in Albany at 0600 tomorrow. From there I fly to Chicago and get on a bus to Great Lakes Naval Training Center.

I have 9 weeks of boot camp. Then I have 19 weeks of training, then I get two weeks off. Then I go back for even more training. I talked to a guy that has the same job that I'm going to do (Fire Controlman). He was in training for 14 months:eek:

After boot camp, I'm going to buy a laptop so I can keep up with the forum.

Thanks again for all your friendship and support.

See you in two months.:( :) :D
Nick has left the building...


'k, now let's start talkin' 'bout him so he has something *fun* to read when he returns! :D :D :D

Good days, Nick! Take care of this country!
it's colder than a witch's elbow up there on Lake Michigan in the winter time
(heck, it's cold in that lake in the SUMMERTIME!)