I'm baaaaack. And I've got rockets!

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Feb 28, 2009
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Hi All,

Imagine my surprise that I logged in after a long hiatus from TRF only to find old accounts no longer valid! Anyway, as some of you may remember me as TeenRocketNerd, I thought I'd say hello to all my old friends who are still active on here. To those newer on here, though this is officially my first post since the forum re-vamp I had over 1500 posts on here priorly, so I'm far from a newbie to the forum or to rocketry.

I'm now doing the college thing, and so time for forum foraging is less than it used to be. My obsession hasn't changed in the slightest, though!

As some of you may or may not remember, prior to my absence I was trying to sell a great number of built but unfinished vintage kits owned by a woman whose rocketeer husband died of cancer. After all this time I am finally picking them up this weekend and would like to know if there is still interest among any on here to purchase them if I post them in small lots or individually with plenty of pictures? They are built very well and have been stored carefully. There are many sci fi and scale as I recall, all of which are now OOP. I've sold to members like Gus and others on here in the past; they can vouch that I do not compromise when it comes to advertising or delivering on what I am selling. So, hello all, and let me know if you are interested. The prices will be low, I assure you.

All the best, and it's good to be back!
Welcome back! I might be interested, but it depends on the model. post away, I'm sure someone here will be interested.
Welcome back Randy :) It's nice to see folks still wanderring back :)
Hi Fred, Hey Randy. I remember you both very well. I'll post pictures in the yard sale section when I get them. I don't know if I'm going to post them online for auction yet or not; depends on how things go here I suppose.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome back and Rocket On!
welcome back! I might be interested in a few of those kits. How's school going?
Hi! If you'd like, PM me the name (and PICTURE) of the kit you might want and then I can get on the stick a little quicker in sorting through all of them. School's going well, thanks. Made the dean's list with a 4.0 first semester and am looking at about the same so far--just very long hours and lots of typing since it's all online.

Be well, and I hope to have some of what you're looking for!
I will do that once I have them in hand (more than can be had in hand though ;-) ) I have at present only a partial list and as they are mostly aged rockets it could take me a while to I.D. them from ninfinger and YORF pictures. But lists and pictures will follow as soon as possible. School is keeping me busy so be patient everyone and rest assured the rockets aren't going anywhere. :)
PM sent, good work on the 4.0! Posting pictures is a good way to get them identified too!
That's what I thought, Michael! Maybe get some I.D. for some kits from the old timers before I go to list any for sale; that way everyone knows exactly what they're getting and I learn some more stuff too! I sent you a reply.

Thanks for the kind words, I'm very pleased with how I'm doing in school though it is taking it's toll. If I started typing on here in tongues then you'll know I've finally had too much. ;-)

I'll keep everyone updated.