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If I had any I'd use Magnelites... love those things.

Otherwise Estes igniters, measure the resistance and try to get 3 with the same resist. and same amount of pyrogen.
For my Deuce, Tres, Hydra VII, Richter Recker, I use the supplied igniters from Estes.
I use Estes igniters dipped in a little bit of Magnelite pyrogen. I've never had less than a perfect ignition using these. The pyrogen also protects the otherwise easily broken tip on Estes igniters. Also, I've found that taking off that little piece of tape on the ignitors makes it possible to wire them together in a parallel (no daisy chains) without a clip whip.
Haha nevermind...I know your Dad, so I remotely know who you are... heh.
Never had any problem with Estes igniters and clusters as long as I use a good 12V system.