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Jan 18, 2009
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I just recieved an Ignitorman kit for dipping my own ignitors has any one used this system and if so how well dose it work?
All the research I did on it said that it's very good. Every review of them has been very favorable.

I've made a dozen ignitors that I'll be testing this weekend at my local launch, but I haven't had a chance to bench-test any since I don't have a safe place to do it.

I have used these and can attest to the fact that they work great. I am currently using the conductive primer on twisted pair wire-wrap wire.
The claim is that the conductive pyrogen by itself is enough to light BP motors, however I have never tried it.
I always thought Pyrogen would easily light BP motors..Does anyone know if this system will light BP motors for sure ?

What about the manufacturer ?..has anyone asked them about it ?

I ask because I'm considering buying the same kit for my low and mid power engines.
The Igniterman instructions say that the primer alone will light BP motors. I know for a fact that they will once dipped in pyrogen. This is probably overkill but the igniters are so cheap that I like using dipped igniters for my E9 clusters.
It so happens that I have now switched to Magnelite pyrogen but still use the Igniterman conductive primer for gapped igniters. I occasionally dip Estes igniters for clusters...more overkill.
What Stymie said,

The one source I knew of has not returned any phone calls.

I've "borrowed" home dippeds by Igniterman and found them to be extraordinary!
All the resellers I knew of dropped the product. At one time I heard you could order directly from the manufacturer, but that link apears to be dead. Since bowhunter just got one, I guess he will have a suggestion :)

Oh that's it, point me to a thread I started.

Why is there no emoticon for "I am a bozo?":rolleyes:
I got mine from Just Rockets they are very fast and have a wide selection of kits and motors and well everything
I purchased a Magnelite ignitor kit from my hobby store. I also bought a dozen pre-made wires to see how they are made. After seeing how the wires are made there should not be a problem making them myself. The instructions are very good. Can't wait to try my hand at it.

Which hobby store would that be? Next time I'm in south KS I might be able to check it out.

...and that would be the Science Education Center, Wichita, KS.
Oh, cool!

Now I just need an excuse to go down to Wichita... Is it 21.95?
Bought my kit about 4 years ago, and it is still going. It will evaporate no matter how well you seal it, but add a little acetone and keep on keepin on. I have had zero failures on button pushed igniters. If you break the pyrogen on the igniter, might as well trash it, as it will probably break the bridge, and lead to frustrated pad re-cycles...
Do they have a web site?
Do they come out to your launches?
I got my Igniterman kit, and somehow ended up without the instructions. Anybody with a aet and a scanner ~ I appreciate it if you could send me a copy.