Igniters in super slo-mo

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Jan 17, 2009
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Looks like QCRS site for the launch sequences. Any confirmation on that? I think the shed is down and maybe gone but the corn crib/barn might still be there. Might have been further south though. Nice video. Guy sorta sounded like Ken Herrick. Kurt
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Yeah it was filmed at Princeton. I think they have more videos coming out- maybe of the rocket launch itself as well.
Man, was that a cool vid Dick...
Unbelievable how cool the flame propagating looks in slow motion..

I'm assuming that UIC is University of Illinois Chicago, especially, since when UIC is introduced Sears Tower is in the background. When I went to UIC it was called University of Illinois at Chicago Circle.
This was the launch QCRS hosted for UIC and the AIAA team.

They tested their rocket which you see in slo mo at the beginning and one other rocket and a 38mm ex motor.

It was an awesome launch to see what the students did.

IIT also has an AIAA team and we should see the out at the February launch.