Igniter Testing with QuickDip Pyrogen

Discussion in 'Propulsion' started by thatotherguy501, Jan 28, 2019.

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    Nov 13, 2018
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    I got some QuickDip pyrogen (QuickBurst) in the mail this weekend, so I wanted to try out a few configurations for airstarting Aerotech motors. The final 3 igniters are in a small cardboard tube that I coated the inside with QuickDip to simulate "painting" the upper grain core with the pyrogen. Ematches are ones I purchased on eBay. The reason the 1m ematches only had the base brushed is that for my upcoming 2 stage flight, the H73J nozzle throat is too small for a larger ematch head.

    From what I could gather, the QuickDip is like a liquid sparkler that sheds a lot of sparks whereas the Aerotech igniter produces lots of heat fairly quickly, with little to no sparks. Looks like a great product that was easy to use. Will post back after attempting to launch the 2 stage.

    Description of each of the igniter configurations:
    1. Commercially-supplied igniter for Aerotech H73J - 12.9V power supply
    2. 30cm ematch (6V power supply, all subsequent igniters are also fired with this power supply, i.e. an Estes launch controller)
    3. 1m ematch
    4. 30cm ematch dipped in QuickDip
    5. 1m ematch with only the base brushed in QuickDip
    6. 30cm ematch in a cardboard tube coated inside with QuickDip
    7. 1m ematch in a cardboard tube coated inside with QuickDip
    8. 1m ematch with base brushed in QuickDip in a cardboard tube coated inside with QuickDip.

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